In days of yore, Houston, Texas, was a happy town. Birds sang in the morning, we were only second in the nation in smog per square inch behind (Hel)L.A. and the Houston Rockets were on the verge of a second straight NBA title.

All that changed one tragic morning when The Houston Post was bought, shredded and buried in a matter of minutes by its crosstown rival, The Houston Chronicle.

Find out what happened to The Houston Post here.

Since that day, The Chronicle has steadily decreased in appeal, coverage, attention to detail and desire to be any sort of newspaper worthy of the nation's fourth-largest city. After years of watching the mistakes and the malaise, the Alliance to Stop Shitty Houston Outlets of Literature (ASSHOL) was formed, with the sole purpose of bringing to the light the weekly atrocities commited by this rag that have turned the once tranquil Bayou City into a print journalism wasteland.

It won't be an easy battle, and we need your help. Send your Chronicle complaints, errors and horror stories to moronicle@yahoo.com and help bring down the Hearst Corp. tyrants, or at least, really piss them off.

If you are an employee of The Chronicle or a member of their prosecution team, please click here to visit our modus operandi page and see all the legal mumbo-jumbo that our site is based on.

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